Your company website should evolve over time reflecting the changing business environment and the development of the company that it represents. As a result, visitors to the website will gain the impression of an active, dynamic company with a regular flow of news and it will also continue to build its credibility as both a professional in its field and an expert to provide its products and/or services.

Furthermore, the search engines will reward an active website, which has a regular flow of new content by increasing it’s visibility leading to more visitors and relevant enquiries. Here are my top tips for the layout of the page –

Title/page heading – must include the service or product provided and the location, also include the customer name (if permitted, ask first).

Photos Add at least one or ideally more, to create a slide show of different images to display. It is important that they show exactly what you are doing/what service you are providing. If you have a logo or props make sure they are in shot or add your logo later. 

  • Make sure that GEO location is switched on, (default setting on all android/ Google phones).
  • Use Google photos to save them on your device.
  • Edit the photo if required, crop, lighting etc.
  • In the media settings, add an alt tag and breifly describe the product or service being delivered.

Description – include the following;

  • How did the customer contact you and by what means?
  • Was there a problem that your product or service overcame?
  • What was the reason if it was not a problem?
  • What did you advise/provide?
  • How did you provide the product/service?
  • What was the end result?

Conclusion – Brief description of related products/services you provided in during the project you offer with back links to each product/service/sector/customer type.

Testimonial – Ask the customer to provide you with a testimonial and include their message in the project post to help demonstrate the quality of your product/service. 

I hope this article is helpful and if you would like help with your website or business then click here.

David (The Business Engineers)