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Ben’s company provide an installation and maintenance service of electronic security systems such as Intruder Alarms, CCTV and Access Control for both domestic and commercial customers in and around Oxfordshire.

The business went limited in 2016 to be able to appeal to commercial customers, before this Ben was acting as a sole trader.

Ben believed there was a big gap in customer service within the industry, especially in Oxfordshire so the focus of the company’s efforts is to provide a reliable service that is very much customer driven.

Referrals and customer feedback are what get the company repeat business and the emphasis is always to make every effort to go above and beyond to provide the customer with a positive experience. This has led to a lot of praise especially when the company take over other systems where they have been let down by their current provider


Listen to Ben’s Journey and see the impact David provided……..

“I’d met David in the past on sites when I was a sub-contractor doing work for larger companies, David was always pushing me to start a business and to quote him you will never be without work, I guess he could see something that I couldn’t and for this, I will be forever grateful.”

“Taking small steps, I built the company to where it is today,”

“A lack of confidence to go at it alone, a push in the right direction and some excellent advice from David has contributed to where I am today.”

“As mentioned above I’d met David before the business started but once the business was up and running and during this process David somehow managed to extract from me what I couldn’t even put my finger on and that was to look at what direction I wanted to take the business.”

Oxford Alarm for security and access control in Oxford
“As a new business that was evolving quickly and still is the advice on putting processes and procedures in place and documenting everything really helped.” “Stick to OX Postcodes.” I will never forget when David used to tell me this and I would nod and smile thinking you’re bonkers.”

“BUT he was 100% absolutely right. We’ve built up a strong customer base in Oxfordshire with domestic and commercial clients that is growing daily and truly get the best from our staff knowing they don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to a job.”

“This has allowed us to react quickly to customers both contract and non contract and assist them when in need. I’d be lying if I said we didn’t venture out of OX postcodes occasionally, but this is usually to help other Oxford based electrical contractors we work with who require our services.”

“The business is still evolving but we are in the process of moving to a larger premises and slowly growing to make sure we stay consistent. We are always looking at ways to adapt and stay present with new technology that is released.”

“Enjoyable, professional, relatable are a few words I could use to describe David. I think the most appropriate word is a friend. He has been instrumental in where the business has gotten to today and long may our relationship continue.”

“He will go above and beyond to help anyone, and I mean anyone. He has a wealth of knowledge on treating customers right no matter what the business is he will give you small goals to reach and before you know it the training wheels are off.”

Oxford alarm

Ben Bockett – Director and Owner – Oxford Alarm Company

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01865 803403



Unit E5
Telford Road
OX26 4LD

Operating Procedures

"David is cool, calm and hugely supportive. By inviting David into my business to look, listen, learn and get a full understanding of what my aims for the business are, he has been able to advise me on how I can best build the business and work towards a goal of a really happy work/life balance."

Company Growth

"Enjoyable, professional, relatable are a few words I could use to describe David. I think the most appropriate word is a friend. He has been instrumental in where the business has gotten to today and long may our relationship continue."

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James Wolfe Road

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