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Andrew Tee runs Oxford SUP Club, a community focused paddle boarding Club. He has a SUP School, Club, Instructor Training centre and Shop.

He offers beginner, intermediate and advanced SUP coaching, along with a wide range of SUP activity for our members. The Club currently has over 100 members.

He also runs a SUP Race team with weekly training sessions and monthly race events.

He started the business in 2015 as a sole trader. He was working full time previously and wanted to start his own business so that he could fit his work around family life better.

The business went Limited as a Non-Profit Community Interest Company at the start of 2020.


Listen to Andrew’s Journey and see the impact David provided……..

Like many small business owners, I was trying to do everything! Whilst the business was growing, it was slightly haphazard and I was taking on too much work myself, which affected my ability to manage the growth of the business effectively. Before meeting David, I lacked structure and a ‘big picture’ plan for my business. I was taking on so much of the workload myself and struggling to find help.”

“My biggest problems were time management, planning and efficiency of service. By doing so much of the customer facing work myself I wasn’t able to effectively manage growth and new ideas.”

“Having never been an employer before I was unsure, and nervous about hiring and managing staff. The business itself was formed on sound ideas, and I believe the core of what we were offering was unique and of good quality.”

“I first met David socially, through paddle boarding. Right from that first meeting it was clear that David was passionate about both the sport of SUP, and really supportive of what I was trying to do with my business. We talked at length about the sport, the industry and where my business fitted into the SUP World. David is a fantastic listener. He took the time to allow me to talk, and talk, and share my dreams for the business, as well as the challenges.

“David has helped me to build a team of amazing people who now work with me. David gave me the confidence to ask for help, and to recruit the right people. By having David’s support through this process, it has allowed me to tap into his vast experience, rather than blindly making it up as I go.”

“The biggest impact David has had on my business is how he has given me the confidence and support to allow myself to look more critically at my business.”

“By guiding me through looking at my business differently I have learnt that I need to strive to get to a position where I can work on the business, rather than in the business. By this I mean that David has shown me that by building a good team around me I can take the time I need to think more proactively on how I can develop the business, rather than being bogged down by doing so much of the SUP delivery myself.”

“Whilst the last 2 years have been really challenging because of the Covid pandemic and the massive effect it had on small businesses, I am pleased that we have weathered the storm and in fact grown quite rapidly.”

“The business has increased turnover and profit, and now employs a team of 10 part-time assistants. We have moved into new premises, far larger than our previous home, and we have fully fitted the new building to our requirements.”

“We have been able to broaden the scope of activities on offer, and have increased memberships by over 50%. The membership scheme brings in vital, monthly income throughout the year, in what is traditionally a very seasonal industry.”

David has had a huge impact on my business. As my first ever business, I was very much learning on the job, making plenty of mistakes along with the successes. I know have a much more holistic view of my business, and am able to see the benefit of having a strong team around me, and of building good relationships within the industry.”

“David is cool, calm and hugely supportive. His unflappable approach to challenges, and his creativity in finding solutions is evidence of his experience of knowledge, which he is happy to share.”

“By inviting David into my business to look, listen, learn and get a full understanding of what my aims for the business are, he has been able to advise me on how I can best build the business and work towards a goal of a really happy work/life balance.”

Andrew Tee – Director and Head SUP Coach

Oxford SUP Club – Community Interest Company
A limited Not For Profit Company.
Registered in England and Wales No. 12439463

Director – BSUPA
British Stand Up Paddle Association
Not For Profit, Limited by Guarantee Company No. 06576022

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07923 227 771



Oxford SUP Club
Gate 3, Farmoor Reservoir
Cumnor Road

Operating Procedures

"David is cool, calm and hugely supportive. By inviting David into my business to look, listen, learn and get a full understanding of what my aims for the business are, he has been able to advise me on how I can best build the business and work towards a goal of a really happy work/life balance."

Company Growth

"Enjoyable, professional, relatable are a few words I could use to describe David. I think the most appropriate word is a friend. He has been instrumental in where the business has gotten to today and long may our relationship continue."

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James Wolfe Road

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