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Mark brings visuals to the screen with either photography or film, each has its own place, each is exciting and the business is driven by the interesting people and projects he encounters. All have their key elements of excitement because to produce something visual to the highest quality that serves a purpose for a client is always the focus.

I get to work on many levels, with families for Weddings, parties, christenings, birthdays, funerals and for the corporate area the main vein of my work is with businesses who wish to add film to their existing social media platforms. Video is so powerful and it’s interesting to work from the ground up with a business to establish what the film will include, be it a montage-based film or tell a story, all within 30 seconds to a minute.

Weddings and family occasions are joy to be around, especially weddings in many ways because they are days of joy and I bring a relaxed and informal presence capturing all the formal and informal moments of the day bringing together the memories that last forever.

Working on funerals is also a moment for me to work closely with the family to create a film that celebrates the life of a person sadly passed. Including lots of historic photographs and all the music they enjoyed forms part of the film, the service itself and a final reflection on the life to end with. The films I have produced have all met with that expression of satisfaction and appreciation as a moment in time has been captured and celebrated but also becomes a piece of history to be passed down the generations.

Working in the business and corporate world my services touch on many levels, mostly within the realms of advertising essentials, new images for websites, the films and by working with the business owner and very often the web developer as well ideas are shared, discussed and created with the very essence of the business foremost at hand. Films from as little as 30 seconds to whatever is needed to get a message across.

Mark Rayson

“producing something visual to the highest quality that serves a purpose for a client is always the focus”


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"David is cool, calm and hugely supportive. By inviting David into my business to look, listen, learn and get a full understanding of what my aims for the business are, he has been able to advise me on how I can best build the business and work towards a goal of a really happy work/life balance."

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"Enjoyable, professional, relatable are a few words I could use to describe David. I think the most appropriate word is a friend. He has been instrumental in where the business has gotten to today and long may our relationship continue."

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