In the crowded online market having high visibility for frequently searched, relevant keywords for your services or products on the internet is critically important.

One way to maximise your visibility is through an ongoing SEO programme which is supported by a regular flow of new website content.

But why do you need new content?

    1. 1. Regular new content on the website shows an active company. Google likes websites where there is a constant flow of new content.
    1. 2. New content often includes text which is still Google’s favourite for determining how to rank a page for specific keywords.
    1. 3. New content on your website should be your own unique take on a particular issue, event, service or product allowing you to show your expertise and credibility. As the content is your own and unique, Google will favour this content over low quality duplicate content often seen on many websites.
    1. 4. To improve a websites visibility in the search engines it is good to add new content so that the website can broaden the range of relevant keywords it can appear for. This is only possible by increasing the number of web pages with Google evaluating each web page on a website for its organic search engine results.
    1. 5. By measuring both Keyword Ranking and Website Visitor Data, SEO work on new content can be continually monitored and evaluated enabling an ongoing content action plan to progressively improve the SEO on a website.

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